Hello and Welcome to The Slow Crafter Blog!

This blog will detail my craft projects in (hopefully) an in depth manner. I tend to spend a lot of time working on my projects, and specifically researching and experimenting with methods used to make them. I realised that my notebook was not a comprehensive method of documenting the things that I’d learnt along the way. I couldn’t use pictures, or link to the web pages and videos where I had learnt things. I also realised that a lot of the information I was using came from very old blog posts, which tended to be far more comprehensive than today’s Instagram equivalent. As someone who heavily values growing my own knowledge, I wanted to contribute in a similar way to the posts that I’ve used as well as create a space where I could be honest and detailed about my experiences so I decided to start this blog.

The ‘Slow’ part of the blog name comes from the way that I try to approach my projects. I’ve consistently found that it’s only through putting thought into my projects that I receive a decent result. I chose to start making my own clothes as a way to be able to afford the fit and quality of clothes that I wanted. Ultimately, I’ve realised that if I don’t take my time choosing materials and using good methods, the clothes that I make end up sitting in the back of my wardrobe. I have no desire to wear them because they don’t fit me, and I can’t give them away because the quality is awful. It’s actually far more wasteful, time consuming and expensive than buying a garment from a shop would have been. I will never be the person who can whip up a dress in an evening, and as such ‘Finished Garment’ posts will be few and far between, but I hope to be able to update this blog every few weeks just to talk about what I’m doing and why I’ve made the decisions that I’ve made.

The ‘Crafter’ part of the blog name comes from the blogs primary focus, my crafts. My two current loves are sewing and knitting. I’ve always had sewing in my family, but it wasn’t until 2016 when I bought a pattern and started sewing my first garment. I enjoyed the process so much that I quickly made an order for a bunch of fabric and started work on my next project. Neither of these are still in my wardrobe. A bodged last minute lining, and using a pattern that was too big for me meant that they were never even worn out, but it started a foray into a hobby that is always on my mind even when I don’t have the time to work on new projects.

I learnt how to knit as a child, using a cheap kit from the local market and since then I’ve worked on small, generally cheap, projects. Whilst I’ve started a fair number of projects, I’ve actually only completed a handful. It took me five years to complete a Doctor Who scarf, and I therefore never thought that larger projects were really my jam. But during the Covid-19 pandemic, I had a lot of spare time and decided to work on my first garment and I really enjoyed the process. I realised that part of the reason I never continued with a lot of the projects was because I got bored fairly easily so choosing more complicated or interesting projects was the way to go. I hope to expand my knitting skills, I’ve learnt a lot since I made that first garment. There’s so much history and interesting things in knitting and I know that I’ll never know everything which makes it a really fun hobby.

These are currently the two crafts that I’m working on, but I do dabble in other stuff too! I want to experiment with embroidery and cross stitch, I’ve done some quilt sewing and I love a crocheted blanket. Hopefully I’ll be able to share these on here too.